A Timeline of University History
  • The University of Falkensburg was founded 253 years ago in 925 by Eldrich Fachinhouse, Arthin Gartik, and Lemtrar Pikrich
  • In 981, at the age of 23, Professor Gehrin introduced magic to the university
  • In 1041, the Many Tough Choices Comittee was founded
  • In 1044, Ranks were invented
  • In 1045, Gehrin died and was buried in Falkensburg Cemetary
  • In 1062, The Six Orders were invented
  • In 1095, Head Prefect Boris was accepted by the university
  • In 1100, Honours were put into play by the university itself
  • In 1147, Freidenwaffe College was taken as a spoil of war
  • In 1161, the Great Auditorium Conflagration drenched the study hall in alchemical gas and set off an explosion
  • In 1162, the Prohibited Object List was posted in the Refectorium
  • Nine Years ago, in 1169, the portals were found, and Lugenkuche College was founded

(Please feel free to add more stuff as long as it doesn't contradict anything. I had to do a lot of research and math to get this all accurate. Thanks, Messera.)

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