The Many Tough Choices Committee

Did the toilet paper change? The Many Tough Choices Committee has changed it from the Soft and Clean brand to the Clean and Softer brand.
Did the school song change? They added a line about chickens. Yes, another one.
Is there a new gnome in the lawn? Yep, gnomes with purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, black, white, grey, and brown hats aren't enough. They added one with a muave hat.
Is there a new prohibited object on the Prohibited Object List? They added magically self-popping bubble-gum to it! Apparently it annoys the teachers! Can you believe it?
Have you seen my llama? Well, actually, I have no llama. I was just getting your attention.

The Committee was so named after a comment made by Professor Gehrin shortly after the council was founded. When asked the name of the new Committee, Gehrin responded "We don't have one as of yet. I'll have you know that this Committee has many tough choices to make, and something as minor as a name is quite low on our list of priorities." As a result, people began referring to it as The Many Tough Choices Committee, and the name has stuck. Incidentally, the Committee still has not, after 137 years, ever actually chosen a formal name for itself.

The writer has managed to record a meeting of the Many Tough Choices Committee. I write it here.

Messera: Reporting live on the scene, this is Messera Marqueth with an exclusive meeting from the Many Tough Choices Committee. I've got Gelderhall here, my former Magister, to introduce us to the Committee. Professor?

Gelderhall: Oh, yes Messera, how are you? Nice weather, eh?

Mason: The weather's not "nice", its horrid!

Kalin: Now, Mason, I wouldn't call it "horrid", bit of a strong word, isn't it?

Head: Everybody, a vote! Is "horrid" a strong word?

Messera: I watch as they vote, it seems as though "horrid" is a strong word.

Head: Alright, under the Rules For Strong Words Act, "horrid" shall not be used unless permission to use strong words is given.

Mason: Alright, its horrible!

Gelderhall: "Horrible"? Well you could at least call it "fine"!

Mason: I will not call it fine when the correct word is horrid!

Messera: A huge gasp emits from the Committee.

Head: Mason, you have used a strong word without permission. We will now vote if you will be punished. Committee, should Mason be punished?

Messera: The vote is cast, Mason should not be punished. The head calls for attention.

Head: It has been fifteen minutes since start of meeting. All those in favor of a coffee break? Right. We'll be back in an hour.

Messera: An hour? No wonder they don't get anything done. We'll be back with the rest of the meeting in an hour. Signing out, Messera Marqueth.

Feel free to add more dialouge, but make it your own character interviewing.

Messera Marqueth

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