The Refectorium is a very large, unnecessarily ornate hall. Its floor is worn sea-green marble, its tables and chairs are solid oak, and its vaulted ceiling is painted with epic portrayals of food preperation through the centuries. It is connected to the Kitchens and is intended as a dining hall, but it ends up serving as a study hall, a lecture auditorium, a scientific laboratory (until the perpetrators were discovered and made to clean all the feathers from the walls, floor and furniture) and, on one memorable occasion, a battlefield.

The food served in the Refectorium varies from sublime gourmet offerings to simple bread and water, depending upon the mood and attention span of the cooking staff on any given day. It is not advisable to mistake the kitchen staff for short-order cooks. Several attempts have been made to staff the kitchen and refectorium with automatons, but this failed for several reasons. First, that even the most sophisticated automatons do not perform well when their more delicate parts are brought into contact with food, and second, food does not perform well when exposed to the level of animatory magic necessary to automate an entire kitchen, not if you plan on eating it, at any rate.

The staff in the Refectorium are therefore human, and very protective indeed of their domain. While one has yet to be found that actually thinks that the cherubs decorating the pillars are in any way attractive, woe betide the lehrling who is caught "improving" them with spaghetti hairstyles or shoestring licorice moustaches.

Magic of any kind is strictly forbidden in the Refectorium. The only exception to the rule is the Eclecticon, which nobody knows how to prevent from entering.

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