Privat-Dozent Mściwój Grzmot

Recently arrived from the Austro-Hungarian city of Krakow, Docent Grzmot of the Jagiellonian University is a shabby, middle-aged academic desperate for a full professorship which has been denied him due to local politics. His degree has been tentatively recognized by Lügenkuche College to be equivalent to that of an unlicensed Forscher; however he must work hard to prove himself an equal of Falkensburg-trained scholars. He fancies himself a magic-user of great experience and subtlety, but it remains to be seen whether his provincial roots serve to obscure his greatness, as he himself believes, or cloud his vision, as is more likely the case.

His knowledge of the portals is purely theoretical, and he is full of ill-supported conjectures, but his initial outline of a thesis seeking to show evidence of spacio-temporal portals being referenced both in the Viking sagas and in the records of the explorers of the Second Hanseatic League has met with interest by a few sympathetic Magisters and Professors. Is Falkensburg the same as the fabled Jomsborg? Did the ancients cross the portals under the guise of travelling to Ophir or Jötunheimr? He aims to find out. That is, if he does not first get lost in the city streets and fall into the harbour.

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