Nicholas F'Praxis Martellus

Nicholas F'Praxis Martellus was born in East Vrazhackleck to the Grandmaster and Official Concubine of the Order of the Dread Lion-Spider-Panda God N'Kratack. He was raised to be a strict believer in the All-High Lion-Spider-Panda, but alas, when he was eighteen, the stars were inconvenient and the Dread God rose from his millennia-long slumber and devoured the rest of the Order. With his beliefs thus confirmed, he set out to resurrect the Order- not literally- but with fiery oratory and convincing miracles.

Sadly, most ignored his persuasion, but he found his way to Falkensburg, where he eventually gained a comfortable position as a lecturer of Indigenous Religions and Occult Studies at L├╝genkuche College. He now considers exploring other dimensions as a way to spread the worship of Dread N'Kratack.

Uzcha v!spakin r'ln! Asgasda nyernyer fra'lika!

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