Forscher Messera Annabella Marqueth

Messera Marqueth comes from a well known family of Scientists, who sent her the school at the age of ten in the hopes that she too would become a member of the The Disciples of the Natural Order. Upon coming to the University, however, Messera found herself immediately attracted to the arcane arts, and much to her parent's discouragement, (it is believed they sent her out the door with 10,000,000g and told her never to return) she joined the The Esteemed Order Of The Ineffable Arcane and doned her purple robes and pointy hat. Messera spent her Lehrling years under Magister Gelderhall, now Professor Gelderhall. In her Gelehrter years, she traveled to Ville De Papillon, where she studied insects under enchantment, a subject with which she is still facinated. She spent four and a half years in Ville De Papillon, finishing her research project and returning just before the discovery of the portals. Her Forscher project was done in only two years, a record surpassing even Magister Neotoma's. She earned the Award for the Most City Improvement in a Century, by inventing a spell using ant antenae and buxweed that cleans out the sewers in five seconds, at the age of 24. This project also earned her her licentiate. Today she is 25, and plans to take the Magistra test after the guidebook is finished.

As a child it is known that she was always eager to learn, and had a certain tendency towards tomboyishness. There is a rumored incedent involving an etiquette teacher, a bowl of pea soup, and much air. It seems that as she got older, however, she became quite the lady. As a young woman, she is much sought after, but has shown no sign of interest in anything but her work.

This is a description of a character played by Messera Marqueth.

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