Magistra Ermensgarde

Genevieve Isabella Ermensgarde is a senior member of the Clockwork Arcanists' League, and a source of endless irritation for many of the traditional elements of the Six Orders.

The younger child of a moneyed family, Genevieve spent her childhood monopolising the time of the tutors her parents had hired for her. While her brother was soundly focused on learning the skills needed to further the family's holdings, the future Magistra developed an early desire to know everything - even to the point of several tutors leaving the family's employ for easier work.

At the age of ten, Genevieve secured a coveted place at Falkensburg University though met with a tricky problem six months later: that of selecting one of the Orders in which to study. At the end of her first year, Lehrling Ermensgarde and the University had reached a compromise: that she'd be allowed to be officially apprenticed to Magists of the Clockwork Assembly and the Disciples of the Natural Order provided full tuition fees were paid upfront for both, and that her studies were of an acceptable standard.

She accepted the offer, and studied the Ineffable Arcane under an assumed name.

Insufferable as a Lehrling and Gelehrter, Genevieve took some time to find Magists who could accept her particular outlook; ones who felt that the existing, strict system of Orders, with their centuries of institutionalised disagreements and objections, were stifling to academia and progress. These same Magists brought her into the Clockwork Arcanists' League, and are still valuable allies within the University.

It took her research projects as a Forscher to incite real controversy, though, with some of her papers still discussed today - and high marks frequently awarded by Order purists for the most scathing attacks on them. Her Forscherung project, and all details of it, were suppressed by Order purist elements of the Many Tough Choices Committee, though the award of Forscher Ermensgarde's licentiates was upheld by a very close voice vote of the Committee.

Over the following two years, Genevieve passed Magistral examinations for the Mechanics and Scientists, but has been consistently refused as a candidate for the rank of Magistra in the Order of the Ineffable Arcane. Reasons cited include insufficient focus to be awarded the title, mingling with the base sciences, the ridiculous ease of passing the test a third time, and being - in the words of the head of the Order - "insufficiently ineffable".

Other critics point to her wealthy lifestyle, her incredibly secret Forscherung project, and the ability to simultaneously study with three different Orders as a kind of evidence that some kind of untoward deal was struck and her titles and honours fraudulently obtained.

Now thirty-seven years old, Magistra Ermensgarde is a tenured researcher at the University, and is frequently guest-lecturer for some of the more progressive Magists of the University.. Like many Clockwork Arcanists, she tends toward research projects where breadth of knowledge is a valuable asset - making the portal and dimension research of Lügenkuche college an especially attractive prospect.

Magistra Ermensgarde has no Lehrling apprentices of her own; indeed, such close association with her is still seen by some as academic suicide.

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