Magister Wickham

Adalbart Matthias Wickham is a Magister of Physics, currently a researcher Lügenkuche College, Falkensburg. He specializes in the relatively new field of applied polygnostic multi-paradigm transport dynamics, where he is at the forefront of breaking developments.

Wickham is notorious for his hardline stance in the science vs magic debate. Feeling that magic is an inexact art, and far too clouded in silly traditions and mumbo-jumbo, he is dedicated to the infinite potential of science and it's practical applications. As a secondary discipline, he also studies the physical processes behind magic, hoping to derive the scientific principles behind it and break it out from it's thousand year tradition of secrecy.

Wickham is a highly contentious debater, taking strong, aggressive stances in any discussion he enters. This often results in casual conversations escalating into arguments without any warning. Despite his flaws, Wickham is a diligent and gifted researcher.

At this time, he does not have a Lehrling, and does not seem interested in mentoring one.

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