Magister Neotoma

Born by the name of Satchel Newcutting to a family of servants working at the University, Neotoma's quick mind and eagerness to learn caught the attention of Magister Heathcliff, who took the child under his wing at the age of seven. Neotoma continued under Heathcliff's tutelage until he reached the age of fourteen, at which time they had a violent falling-out over Neotoma's criticisms of his teacher's then-unfinished Histories - one which they would not settle for another six years. In the meantime, however, Neotoma dived relentlessly into the study of dimensional magic, earning his licentiate and membership in The Esteemed Order of the Ineffable Arcane at the early age of nineteen in spite of his seemingly-inevitable rancorous division with whichever Magister would take him as a student.

At twenty-two, Magister Saccellum Neotoma is currently among the youngest fellows of Lügenkuche College.

This page is a profile of a character in Falkensburg, played by invented by packbat, an ex-player.

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