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During the Centennial Celebrations of 1100, the various institutions within the University decided to create various Honours, used to recognize service to Falkensburg, the University, and Knowledge itself. As the Honours were not developed under the rigorous guidance of the Many Tough Choices Committee, they have grown in a rather haphazard manner, with considerable overlap and redundancy. Some are awarded by the Orders, some by all of those of a particular Rank, and some by specific Colleges. Most are given by a particular leadership committee, while a few are chosen by popular vote. One thing that all of the honours have in common is that they are awarded infrequently: the least important are given out only once every three or five years; while the more coveted ones are granted even less often, with periods of seventeen or nineteen or even longer. By long-standing tradition, almost every one of these periods of time between awarding an Honour is a prime number of years.

Below are some of the Honours that a member of Falkensburg University can strive to achieve.

  • Medal of the Gilded Trident. Awarded on a seventeen-year cycle by the Academy of the Humanities for outstanding service in the study of political history. Selected by a vote among the Academy's Magisters and Professors, this award usually goes to academics whose work has become accepted wisdom, usually by means of outliving their enemies.
  • The Award for the Most City Improvement in a Decade. Though not a traditional University honour, as it is handed out by the city, it is considered by many as part of the honour system.
  • Honour of Gehrin This honour is awarded to members of The Esteemed Order Of The Ineffable Arcane who have contributed most to the teaching, spreading, or otherwise accelerating the acceptance of magic. It is awarded every 23 years
  • Seven-Pointed-Star Awarded by the university faculty at-large in recognition of extraordinary moral virtue, every seven years. At times this award is granted as an act of academic charity to aging teachers who have not earned any award of greater note in their tenure.
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