Professor Gehrin

One of the most famous men in university history, Professor Gehrin introduced magic to the Falkensburg University.

It is an unfortunate fact to note, but the university was originally founded in a time where magic was considered a cultist religion. Its picture was mainly dark and many even considerd it only superstition. And so, the university did not include magic, but focused mainly on science. Asler Gehrin put an end to these beliefs.

Asler was a firm believer in magic. He considered magic to not only be a useful tool, but a form of science. So, in 981, Asler went to the university, and asked them to include magic. He explained his views on magic as a science, and gave many examples of the uses for magic for improvement and research, but the university did not agree. So Asler then went on a stroll through the grounds, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, placing trees, planting gardens, and even causing a fountian to pop out of the ground. Thoroughly convinced of the functionality of magic, the university agreed to include it, and Gherin was to teach it. However concerned the university may have been that no students would want to learn magic, in the following week, 23 students had joined the university specifically to learn magic.

At the age of 83, Gehrin was one of the core founders of the Many Tough Choices Comittee. Sadly, he died five years later, before he could see magic become one of the six orders.

Gehrin was given the honourary title of Professor, and had a Honour named after him in late 1100. Today, the fountain that he caused to pop out of the ground is still flowing, and is remembered by every graduate of the university as the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

Messera Marqueth

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