Freidenwaffe College

Some thirty years ago, at the conclusion of the Last Glorious War Against the Heffen1, Freidenwaffe University was considered one of the spoils of war, and thus moved, brick by brick, onto the grounds of Falkensburg University some hundreds of miles northwest, where it became Freidenwaffe College. Freidenwaffe is known for its programs studying military technology and advanced magic, as well as a notable humanities department.

The culture of Friedenwaffe College, since its arrival in Falkensburg University, has gradually settled in as a 'party' subcampus, rivalling even the older Colleges that filled that role like Morgenpferd College. The two in fact have an ongoing competition over which can cause more things to be put into the Prohibited Object List. Friedenwaffe students, like those from Morgenpferd, tend to antagonize students from the more studious parts of the University, such as Lügenkuche College.

Also part of Freidenwaffe College is the Volksblum Annex. Formerly a women's college associated with Freidenwaffe University, it has since become co-educational, although still majority-female, and contains notable ongoing research programs in Alchemy, Medicine, and Mathematics. The Volksblum students are divided over the antics of those in Friedenwaffe proper: some embrace them, while others express only disgust.

1: The name for this conflict is unusually accurate2 among jingoistic labeling, largely owing to the utter non-existance of the Heffen nation at the conclusion of the hostilities.

2: Well, at least the 'last' part.

-Doktor Plasner

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