Forscher Perpetua Darwinia Feierabend

Although Perpetua first joined the university as an excuse to refuse a social invitation, she eventually discovered that exploration and observation entertained her in a way that waltzing never would. Having written several studies in the past covering subjects such as the Secret Life of Bees and a monograph of the recently discovered Blue Turtle-necked Sweater1, Perpetua is keenly interested in studying denizens of the biological world and interpreting their influence in popular culture, fashion and music.

Ms. Feierabend is of good breeding, and represents herself as such, although her parents still hope that her interest in this strange hobby of hers will peter out and she will settle down like a proper young lady and marry a wealthy octogenarian with a family home in the country.

Perpetua is a Forscher in the The Disciples of the Natural Order.

1 For those unfamiliar with the Genera of Sweaters, they are small, finch-like birds that bead fragrant oil when subjected to sunlight. Their essence is highly prized over goat urine and muskrat oil as ingredients in women's perfume.

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