Technically speaking, the Eclecticon is less a researcher and more a universal secondary source. Its strange nature, however, has forced the faculty of Lugenkuche College to treat it as a denizen, rather than as simple property.

The Eclecticon itself is a folio-sized book, containing essays on a wide variety of subjects, all printed in identical neat, mechanical type. Despite there being no visible means to remove the book from its lectern, new essays appear with a certain regularity. The essays contained within range from highly structured, reasoned arguments on various rhetorical propositions to polemical rants about subjects (recently: the thickness of paper, flickering stars and the limitation of having only four '3's in a standard deck of playing cards) which no sane person should find in any way worthy of consideration.

The lectern on which the Eclecticon is to be found is a marvel of engineering - an auto-ambulatory tripod which slowly clanks, puffs and hisses its way around the grounds of the college. Its course appears to follow an elaborate pattern, the exact nature of which has yet to be identified. The Eclecticon spends a lot of time in and around the refectorium, and is known to avoid the library at all costs - once breaking down a solid oak door to escape.

Theories about the nature of the Eclecticon abound, though the current favourite of the faculty is that it is some sort of student prank gone stranglely awry.

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