Doktor Plasner

Doktor habil. Demitrius Plasner's most renowned trait is his agelessness: he has had the appearance of a man in his late fifties through the entire thirty years he has been teaching and researching at Falkensburg University and what spotty records records exist of him prior to that indicate that this may have gone one for several more decades at least. The students of the University trade in rumors that purport to explain this fact, naming him a ghost, or a mechanical construct, or the victim of an immortality curse, but he consistently refuses to speculate on such matters on the rare occasions when someone is so rude as to bring them up in conversation.

Doktor Plasner was, prior to his term at Falkensberg, a senior professor at Freidenwaffe University. When that institution was absorbed into Falkensburg as Freidenwaffe College he came with it. Although his rank was the equivalent of 'Professor', that title is awarded only for seniority at Falkensburg itself, and so he is considered a Magister (although, due to some anachronistic rules still on the book, he is one of the few people in the enviable position of being allowed but not required to attend meetings of the Many Tough Choices Committee.)

Although technically a member of the order of the humanists, his theories of Scientific History put him at odds with the fellows of his academy and in sympathy with the Disciples of the Natural Order. Since those theories make certain predictions about the flow of events in various other dimensions, he has moved his research to Lügenkuche College.

Doktor Plasner currently has no Lehrling apprentice.

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