Captain Obermann

Captain Robin Brunhilde Obermann was discharged from the Falkensburg Guard under highly classified circumstances rumoured to involve an incident with a portal, a gullible native populace and sixty tons of cheap faux-pork emergency rations.

Robin is an opportunist and fairly cynical to boot, so the rumours are most likely true.

She is now attached to Lügenkuche College in an advisory position with a tentative rank of honorary Gelehrter for the Academy of The Humanities. This was arranged by Messera Marqueth, who obtained permission from the Falkensburg Guard to read incident reports related to the portals and noticed that the name of the Captain who had been in charge of arranging the safeguarding of expeditionary forces to the metropolitan portals mysteriously disappeared from the books, her last report stamped REDACTED. She tracked down Robin Obermann, officially "retired" at twenty nine, who leapt on the opportunity despite an initial contempt for academia.

This page is a profile of a character in Falkensburg, played by Captain Oblivious.

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