Head Prefect Boris

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Boris is the Head Prefect of Falkensburg University and as such is well known to all Lehrlings on campus. His responsibilities include maintaining order and discipline on campus, in which he has served admirably for over 80 years. Tireless, perfectly logic and utterly incorruptible, he is the perfect invigilator during exam periods. He also serves in an auxiliary role with Campus Security, assisting with night patrols and some investigations.

Boris is a clockwork automaton originally crafted by the infamous Mechanic Ilhaam. Boris was designed to take his creator's place in the traditional tests required of Magist applicants, with Ilhaam reasoning that the purpose of Craft was to aid the limited human body in great endeavours.

The Many Tough Choices Committee did not agree with Ilhaam when he arrived at the testing chamber with his automaton in tow, and forbade it's use in the coming trials. Undeterred, the young Forscher simply instructed Boris to persuade the Committee into making the correct choice.

Little is known of the events that transpired that afternoon, but Ilhaam emerged with the Rank of Magister, accompanied by Boris, and trailed by the Committee members, most of whom looked worse for wear, and one walking with a permanent limp. Nobody involved with the events of that day is willing to speak of what occurred in the testing chamber. Within 5 years, Ilhaam ascended to the position of University President, in which he served commendably for nearly 60 years, until his death.

Boris is roughly 8 feet tall, his body composed of alchemical alloys, and filled with intricate clockwork mechanisms. Ilhaam has bound several elemental spirits into the body to provide it with power, intellect and motive force. The exact methods used to create Boris are unknown to this day, as Ilhaam took his secrets with him to the grave. Those few necromancers brave enough to try contacting his shade have sorely regretted their folly.

It has been many a time wondered who does the maintenance on Boris. Many simply assume he does his own maintenance, however, it has been rumored that every month a Mechanic Lehrling is forced to do this unenjoyable task. But alas, like most matters concerned with Boris, everyone involved simply refuses to speak of it.

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