The Baron's Ribcage

The Baron's Ribcage is a famous pub off Beschaeftigte Biene Square. Legend has it that it's named for a rather gruesome execution during the Mercenary Revolt of 412. The current Proprietor, Marlon Ashten, who claims direct descent from the original founder of the venue, often has stories to tell about the exact circumstances under which this occurred, but as these are numerous and varied they will not be mentioned here. Another claim to fame of this tavern is a historical connection with the Roemenschacht family of Roemenschacht Lager fame, with a great deal of intermarriage between the two clans; this beer was supposedly first served at the Baron's Ribcage.

The building itself has been rebuilt multiple times after being demolished by fires, bar brawls and rogue architects, as well as one confusing incident with a group of lehrlings and a strange mechanical device - none of the survivors had any recollection of its purpose or make-up, and eyewitness accounts mostly involve a great deal of smog, strange noises and a pile of bolts, woodchips and vegetable matter in place of the bar the next morning. This was an isolated incident as academics do not usually drink in that establishment, especially after the accident.

The Ribcage normally caters to a rough and ready clientèle and is frequented by members of the Falkensburg Guard and other groups of the armed variety, between whom there is often conflict as the latter apparently cannot resist attempting to one-up the former in the matter of drunkenness, muscles and bawdy drinking songs. Ask a Guard about the Song Of Frau Fotzi And The Pig Farmer. Go on, ask.

-Captain Obermann

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