Great Diversion

"Posterity will not look kindly upon this age of mind-machines and hypnotic strobes, this wasted generation of scientific endevour. No, this inward turn will be regarded as a great diversion from the true task of scolasticism; that of understanding and taming the universe itself."
-Derik Glissander, Archchancellor, Falkensburg University 1025-1142 (too many additional honours to mention in any single-volume work)

Although the gaudier brain-affecting machines like the Spinning Messiah used certain properties of polarized light and the human optic nerve to achieve their effect, nearly every field of scholarly research bent itself to the study and control of the human mind for a period of Falkensburg history now referred to as 'The Great Diversion'. The first experiments of this nature were biologically based, beginning in the study of the effects of Bratpfilze mushrooms that had not been acid-cured with vinegar as traditional preparations demanded, but soon, every field of science had its own machine for exploring the 'inner space' of the human mind.

Arcanists developed spells that allowed the reading of minds; Deacons summoned things from the Underworld to do the same thing. Scientists used methods biological, chemical, and physical, while Mechanics, having already solved the problem of creating artificial sentience in those constructs which required such, studied their own work to attempt to gain some inkling of why the usual methods actually worked. By 1134, this research had begun to crowd out most other activity at Falkensburg University, much to the chagrin of the Archchancellor and the Many Tough Choices Committee, as well as sparking anti-mentalist vigilantism in the city iself.

The Great Diversion came to an abrupt end when the Heffen launched the sneak attack on Falkensburg that started the Last Glorious War Against the Heffen and the university returned to the more socially acceptable task of devising new and better tools of war.

- Doktor Plasner

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