Ghaia Rusat

Miss Ghaia stands out in a crowd, and it's not just because of her pale skin, glowing red eyes, and long black curls. There's just something about her that seems to draw people to her. That's because Ghaia is a mystic. And, you guessed it, also a Feueraugen.

For centuries, the mystics have remained enigmatic, hiding out in the poorer areas of Falkensburg and remaining hidden away from the rest of the world. After being key victims of the Heilig Perlustration, this was a understandable, if not wise, path to take. And thus the Mystics soon became a bit of a legend, and many even believed them extinct, until 1164, when a little girl was born.

Ghaia Rusat was born to a Feueraugen mother and human father and was, in turn, Feueraugen. What was different about Ghaia, however, was that she was, quite obviously, a mystic. How, might you ask? Because she told her mother when she was born. And her father. And anyone else who happened into the vicinity, for that matter. But she didn't speak out loud, or sign with her hands. No, little two day old Ghaia spoke with her mind.

Telepathy is a common trait among mystics, though this is not what these rare ones are known for. Mystics know the future. And the past. And the present. Links to the spiritual world, mystics' souls reside on another plane of existence, letting them see not only into other people’s minds, but into the very fabric of the universe, leading to the inborn knowledge of history in its entirety, including the future. As one would think, this is extremely useful, but the mystics were never accepted. Why? Because people feared them. People have secrets, and people are not comfortable with the thought that another could know those secrets. And so mystics were the victims of hangings, burnings, and eventually, cast out.

There had, however, never been a mystic born into the Feueraugen, nor had there ever have been more accepting parents of a mystic. And so little Ghaia was nurtured and protected. By the time she was two, it was very clear that she was a mystic. She was constantly making little predictions. "I'm going to go to the market today," someone would say, and her reply would be, "No you won't." And just to prove her wrong the person would attempt to go to the market, but trip and break a leg instead. This steadily became more and more creepy, and at two years old, little Ghaia was feared.

But her parents continued to protect her, and taught her as much as you can teach a girl who was born with a complete encyclopaedia of the universe in her mind, and at four years old, one year before the first portal appeared, Ghaia made the most famous prediction in the history of Falkensburg.

"And there will be man, and the man will yearn travel, and he will be granted with travel, and the gates to the other worlds will be opened in a swirl of purple, a bruise in the fabric of space, and there will be others, and with the others there will come more men, and man will migrate to this end of the earth like vultures to a carcass, and with the other worlds there will come madness, and the madness will spread through man's own invention, in writing they will find the evil. And there will come chaos, and like man does it will study the bruises, it will wish to find logic in the very center of chaos, and the chaos will be man's own creation, and with the chaos will come greed, and with greed comes war, and with war comes pain, and with pain comes theft, and the theft will become all that man is known for and the others will shy from man, and man will be left as an island, and from the yearning will come denial."

Of course, at the time, her parents took it very seriously, writing it down and sending a copy to the officials, but no one else did. Sure, the little one had made some predictions, but 'fabric of space'? 'Chaos', 'bruises'? It sounding more like the ravings of a mad poet than a serious prediction, and so it was filed away and kept from the public.

A year later, the portals were found, and following Ghaia's predictions, men migrated, and Dahlstrom's Syndrome came to Falkensburg. When confronted, the officials released the 'Portal Prophecy', as many now call it, to the general public. It was met with fear, scepticism, and over all denial.

Ghaia, now fourteen, is unfazed by the denial, and continues her ways, mingling as best as she can with the general public. In fact, Ghaia has expressed interest in the university, and is an advisor for portal researchers. She currently helps teach Falkensburg history at Jonathan Mile's Academy for Young Minds.

~Messera Marqueth

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