Flickering Stars

Damn them. Damn them in their celestial, look-at-me-I'm-a-crack-in-the-firmament wobbly persistence! They gill their baleful, bent-ful, wroptious eyes with visions of us when they think we're not watching. You wait and see! The stars gill their heads while you sleep, the filthy bastards! Only my wives and personal confessors are supposed to see me doing that!

Super-shunt in cryptographical grand-planning glory, I defy you and your none-too-polite suggestions on my occupations during the hours of daylight. Observe, as you may please, as I DANCE!

Directions on Dance:

  1. Insert foot 1 into circle.
  2. Insert foot 2 into circle.
  3. Remove foot 1 from circle.
  4. Insert foot 3 into circle (note that this may present problems for non-multipods).
  5. Remove foot 2 from circle.
  6. Cry at the hopelessness of an astrologically pre-determined world.

Finally, you understand my crawly words in your nice, clean, egg-like headsies! Doop de shundy-wyndy shall be the Word and Sole Truth, once the stars are done with their GODS-FORSAKEN TWINKLING! Cheese and blood shall flow in the streets, though not for reasons that anyone (including this napthalene scribe) shall understand.

Tremble, twinkling stars, as I ransack your ethereal ears for the music that began time! Worse even than that, tea is pointless!

Do you see, sing, soon now?

You, moon! Get down here in this bucket! I'll give you until the world grows cold and the blood of cockroaches is enthroned in the Halls of Bennebrucken, and no longer, you hear me!

- the Eclecticon

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