Fassen Clan

The Fassen Clan is well known to most Falkensburg locals as being a highly powerful family in the poorer realms, such as Achenauerstrasse and the Elendsviertel District. The blood ties go back far into Falkensburg history, leading to most people knowing a member of the Fassen Clan in some way or another. The Fassen Clan is a kind of police within the poorer districts, keeping order in whatever means are necessary. Despite their poorness, they are commonly accepted into higher society without much fuss, because of the power they hold.

The Fassen Clan is known for its family loyalty, often leading to the whole clan becoming involved in matters that involve one of its members. The most famous event of this occurrence was when Maria Fassen's honor was insulted when a certain Mr. Yolde called her a gemeine dirne. Her brother leapt to the taunt, and somehow the whole family ended up in a brawl against Yolde and fifteen of his buddies. Yolde was soon in the Krakenhaus, and the event only more solidified the common knowledge that you don't cross a Fassen.

Despite their lack of wealth, they are seen as the rich of the poor districts, often investing in small businesses in the areas, helping the economy become better. Their daughters are jewels to marry, as marrying into the Fassen Clan often means lucrative business opportunities and the support of deep roots behind you. Not to mention, Fassen Clan girls are notoriously beautiful, and anyone who met one would most certainly not call one a gemeine dirne, but instead mistake them for the daughter of a noble.

With the recent discovery of the portals, many members of the Fassen Clan have invested in Portal Licenses and extend their business through them. In fact, it is a common rumor that the five year old boy who discovered the second portal was in fact Ludio Fassen, who is now betrothed to the ever-courted Opal Lechner, of noble descent.

It is common for the Falkensburg Guard to recruit members of the Fassen Clan to help with investigations in poor areas, using their influence to gain the cooperation of the common people.

~ Messera Marqueth

[Note: In case you had any doubts, gemeine dirne translates as "common whore".]

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