Extraordinary Conveyances Act

The Combustion of Tila's Point, in which Jack the Iron Dragon was commanded to breath Alchemical fire over Tila's Point, which in itself caused the Great Fire of 755, should have been a warning. But, arrogant and deaf as the city council is, it did not realize that simply punishing the wrong doers would not set things right, if 345 years later, they made a public display of the how wonderful extraordinary vehicles could be.

After a year of constant sights of copy-carriages, pegasi, flying cross-breeds, and more clockwork dragons, (it seems they will never go out of fashion) the city soon put out a decree in which all "extraordinary conveyances" where to be confiscated and regulated within Falkensburg. This includes:

  • Large, flying, or otherwise unordinary animals
  • Engineered large, enchanted, flying, or otherwise unordinary vehicles
  • Any unordinary transportation, without a Transportation Approval License

The flying carriage, the big mistake

In 1099, a carriage was enchanted so that it could fly. The plan was that to ring in the new century, the carriage would fly overhead, and rain an odd mix off confetti, sparkles, and gold coins all over the city. To do this amazing feat, the city enlisted Falkensburg University's elite. Though the plan was fairly simple, it soon became evident that more than just Arcanists would be needed. See, a normal carriage is made of mostly wood. Wood, in itself, does not hold well to flying enchantments. In fact, if a carriage made of wood was enchanted to fly, the weight of the arcane forces would likely cause it to fall out of the sky. A street carriage is also pulled by horses, and because horses can't fly, this would be a problem. And so, along with Arcanists, elite of the other orders would also be needed.

The Arcanists' main job was to enchant the carriage so that it could fly. However, they also put protection, water-proofing, and tamper-proof enchantments on, per the city's orders. It should be noted that ignorant as the council is, it did not realize that tamper-proof didn't mean copy-proof, thus the later problems. They also told the Arcanists not to put any other enchantments on, leaving the Arcanists helplessly yelling into the well known deafness of the city council.

The Mechanics were enlisted to build an enchantment-friendly carriage, and it was them who created the main blueprints for the carriage. And left them lying around.

The Scientists put their hand in by testing weather and climate changes, and predicting the weather for New Year's night. It is debatable whether this was actually useful, but we give them credit all the same.

The Alchemists were brought on to create the mixture that would be sprinkled. It was to dissolve within a day, leaving the city clean of sparkles and confetti. They succeeded, and the mixture has been used in private parties and city events every New Year's after. It is commonly called Fool's Joy.

A small number of Deacons were hired on to summon holy pegasi from the Divine Realms. However, they did not keep track of where they went afterwards, and they eventually ended up in the hands of a horse breeder, who realized that these amazing animals were not fixed, and took advantage of this by breeding them and selling them on the black market.

The Humanists researched city history to its last edge, writing a long speech reporting the entire span of Falkensburg history. The speech was read while the carriage flew overhead, and to this day, not a single person can remember a word of it.

Together, the carriage led to at least twenty copy-carriages, the normality of pegasus steeds, and the popularity of amazing and spectacular conveyances in general. This went on for about a year, the skies always occupied, leading to accidents and sky fights. After a year of utter chaos, the city finally put into order, The Extraordinary Conveyances Act of 1101.

The Joker's Cow

The Joker's cow was a cow that was a breeding anomaly. When it was fully grown, it weighed 11,452 lbs, roughly six times the size of a large steer. The breeder of this cow sold it to "The Joker" whose real name will never be known. The Joker had a very— unique imagination, and the cow was soon painted bright orange with green spots, and a large canopied flat— saddle, along with 12 built in chairs was constructed to fit it.

The cow would walk down Falkensburg roads, driven by The Joker, and pick up passengers for a small fee. This soon led to tourists coming to the city, just to ride The Joker's Cow.

The Joker's cow was one of the pre-existing unordinary conveyances, and disappeared shortly after the act, much to tourists' dismay.

The Clockwork Dragons

It should be noted that mechanics not of the University had been coming to Falkensburg for centuries, one of the main reasons they were included in the University to start with, and thus even before the University was founded, it was common place to see strange machines wandering around the city, smoking and sparking, followed by a mumbling guy covered in grease.

An early series of attempts at creating a Clockwork God, the list of Clockwork Dragons is near-endless. More famous ones, however are Fred the Silver Ice Dragon, Gloria the Bronze Dragonling, Tikawooa the Golden Rainbow Amazing Wonderful Unicorn One-of-a-kind Sparkle Dragon, Killer the Plague-spitting Black Dragon (never completed), and most infamous of them all, Jack the Iron Dragon.

These dragons could be spotted flying over Falkensburg, often still in their testing stage, which led to beautiful displays of smoke, sparks, and crashing, gathering large crowds. It was even the career of one young entrepreneur to search out the dragon-burns and paint pictures of them, selling the paintings for amazing amounts of money.

This continued for a long time, even after Jack was put out of order, many dragons meant to be nice, kind, or even helping, such as Tikawooa and Gloria, but after the act was set into place, seeing a clockwork dragon first hand is very rare.

Griffons and other flying cross-breeds

After the fad of riding a pegasus died down, people started buying griffons, hippogriffs, and range of other cross-breeds as personal transportation. They were also commonly used in place of pegasi for copy-carriage pullers. After the act was put into action, the city found that there was not enough room in their stables for all of the creatures. As such, flying cross-breeds of any kind are permitted for personal use if the city approves the animal, and you get a cross-breed transportation license.

~Messera Marqueth

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