The Exo Force Eternity Ninja Rangers

Throughout the centuries, Falkensburg has seen repeated changes in the power structure that governed the city. The level of rule over the city has varied wildly, in accordance with the ruling powers of the moment. The most strict rule in recent memory was Judge Konstantin Fenner's Reign of Terror, a true and complete police state. However, even this was not enough to completely quench the love of freedom that is fundamental to the common Falkensburgher.

After the execution of Alexander Poppyseed, public sentiment began to swell against the Judge and his omnipresent legion of Lawgivers. Disruptive acts by masked vigilantes began to escalate, but none took their campaign to the same level of audacity and panache as the self-described "Exo Force Eternity Ninja Rangers." The group began with 5 members, each dressed in tight fitting bodysuits, wearing full helmets that enclosed their heads completely. Each member wore a different color and used a different weapon and style in action.

Appearing out of nowhere, this unmistakable group began a determined guerrilla campaign against Fenner's Lawgivers and their totalitarian rule over the city. After a series of minor harassments, mostly consisting of obstructing the Lawgivers in pursuit of innocent townsfolk, they declared their presence to the city as a whole with a daring daylight action.

The group interrupted the next scheduled wire hangings at the Crimson Gallows, acting to free the condemned and capture the Judge. While reports are understandably incomplete, all tend to agree on the basic course of events.

As the prisoners were being marched towards the gallows, numerous multicolored smoke bombs were set off, obscuring the area. A loud male voice declared "We are The Exo Force Eternity Ninja Rangers! This execution is a miscarriage of justice and an affront to freedom! In the name of liberty, you shall be rebuked!" With that, the Rangers leapt into action. Lawgivers were subdued, the prisoners were freed and escorted to safety, and Fenner himself fled the scene with the crowd jeering.

Emboldened by their resounding victory, the Rangers began to step up their actions. Speeches were ruined, prisoners were freed, courthouses were burnt to the ground, and Lawgivers were hoist on poles above Beschaeftigte Biene Square clad in nothing more than their underwear. The group seemed to be everywhere and unstoppable, with public support growing.

The single most audacious success of the Rangers would have to be liberating every last prisoner incarcerated in The Oubliette, a feat long considered impossible and to this day never duplicated. This, combined with the other actions taken, and growing rebellion among the citizens, greatly weakened Judge Fenner's power over the city, leading him to pass further and stricter laws. Following the lead of the Rangers, the people increasingly ignored the new laws and went about their daily lives.

Eventually, Judge Fenner "disappeared" and with him, so did the Rangers. While no hard evidence exists to support the case either way, common belief holds that the Rangers were not directly responsible for Fenner's disappearance, as it was never their modus to directly harm anyone.

To this day, nobody knows the identities of The Exo Force Eternity Ninja Rangers. After the Reign of Terror, the ruling powers were disinclined to track down and expose the most colorful heroes of the rebellion. Perhaps this was a wise public relations move, or perhaps it was simple pragmatism. With no less than 23 different individuals claiming to have been the Red Ranger alone, definitively proving any Ranger's identity would be a futile task.

Even though the Rangers have not been seen for 75 years, their memory lives on. Most of the common folk believe that when things once again reach their darkest hour, The Exo Force Eternity Ninja Rangers will return to save Falkensburg once more. The more pragmatic among the city merely exploit the Rangers shamelessly as marketing gimmicks and children's toy lines.

- Magister Wickham

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