Divine Society

The Divine Society is a religious cult that dates its origins back to the conflation of several religious orders in the aftermath of the Heilig Perlustration. Members are fed the usual spiel about their relative holiness as compared to the population at large, and the posthumous rewards thereof.

Common practice for serious initiates is to sell most of their worldly belongings, deposit the profits into the coffers of the Society, and thereafter to wear white robes and participate in mysterious rituals which supposedly bring them closer to something called the Source Of The Divine. Priests wear more elaborate dress and claim a direct contact with the Source, which they channel by means of blood-letting and hallucinogenic drugs in order to prophesy the end of the world at regular intervals. However there are also many "casual" members who attend more mundane meetings run by initiates. These are by all accounts largely made up of vague claims about the evils of rich food and requests for money.

The Divine Society is perhaps most well-known for an incident in 967 when Divine priests, concerned with their falling popularity in the city, decided to spice up Source rituals by reading from real ancient tomes apparently at random. One such ritual coincidentally hit upon the correct combination for a low-grade demon summoning, releasing thousands of fire-breathing imps into the surrounding neighborhood. This was highly embarrassing for the Society and many of the books in question were confiscated by authorities. The imps were eventually corralled and expelled by a volunteer force of Arcanists from Falkensburg University, mostly made up of lehrlings who treated the whole thing as a hilarious jaunt and excuse to shirk their studies.

The Society has recently been associated with the Purity Movement, with several prominent members of the nobility claiming affiliation with both. Many independent observers are concerned with the possible implications of DS influence on city politics. Also they keep accosting me in the street with little booklets telling me to Rejoice, the nutjobs.

-Captain Obermann

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