university:John Paul Harlem, Guildmaster

Guildmaster John Paul Gregorius Harlem is one of Falkensburg's most controversial public figures.


Early Life

John Paul was born and raised on the island of Imelios in the Southeastern Sea. After coming to Falkensburg as a vagrant in 1163, he soon became employed in a tannery. In 1166, he opened his own tannery on Gestank Strasse. He became an officer on the council of the Lohfarbener's Guild until he left for the League of Guilds.

The League of Guilds

John Paul initially rose to prominence as an official in the League of Guilds, an organization that seeks cooperation between Falkensburg's various guilds. He eventually rose to the office of Vice Premier, and was the presumptive successor to Heinrich Brandauer, the Premier at the time. In 1176, he was ejected from the Legion for publicly unstated reasons; many speculate it was related to his frequent criticism of the guild's "corruption and impropriety at every level."

Union for the Common Interest

After being forced out of the League, John Paul founded the Union for the Common Interest, a impoverished advocacy organization and guild organizer that attempts to "provide every citizen of Falkensburg with the means for production and industry."


In addition to his administrative and activist work, John Paul has also written two books, On The Distribution of Production and A Common Man's History of Falkensburg. John Paul is an occasional guest professor in the University of Falkensburg's social science and history departments.



John Paul is considered a highly polarizing figure. Many supporters of the League of Guilds view him as a traitor, and his Union for the Common Interest is their fiercest rival. His open criticism of the corruption in the many of Falkensburg's most prominent organizations has earned him enemies in the social elite. Much of Falkensburg's poor consider him a hero, and his birthday is celebrated as a minor holiday in many of Falkensburg's slums. In organizations like the Falkensburg Guard, the top leadership and mid-level officials view him as a trouble maker and rabble rouser, where as many foot soldiers are strongly supportive of him.


Accounts of John Paul's height are largely contradictory. He has been described as anywhere from 6' 5'' to 5' 3''. This has led to widespread speculation of his use of magic to modify his appearance.

Possible Substance Abuse

Rumor's have widely circulated that John Paul is or has been an addict of fairy dust, though these allegations have never been proven. In 1176, the Falkensburg Guard raided his residence and offices in what they claimed was a search for the illegal powder, though many of John Paul's allies claimed the raid was politically motivated.

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