Professor Darenaran Rartek

Darenaran Rartek will be known by history as the discoverer of the first portal. In 1169, Professor Rartek's laboratory was suddenly taken over by an inter-dimensional portal. It just so happens that seven1 other portals appeared at exactly the same time throughout the city; however they were hidden and thus unseen by the mass population.


And so Professor Rartek, researcher that he was, grabbed the nearest scrap of parchment and began scribbling down notes about the portal. It was later named 'Plum Portal' because of its unusual color. After filling the page with observations on the portal, he sealed it off with a simple containment spell and went off to inform the entire university. Within hours, the entire scholarly elite (and not so elite) were present. It soon became clear that this was indeed a portal, and so a frog was tied to a kite and sent propelling into the portal. After five minutes of utter silence, the frog was pulled back— completely intact! Needless to say, an exploration party which included four or five famous researchers, including Darenaran and Quella Dahlstrom, was promptly organized and sent into the portal. Three hours later, the group came back, with tons of data and samples in tow.

After a second portal was discovered in a crawlspace by a five year old boy, a frenzied search for more portals began. The city put into order Portal Licenses and within six weeks, a total of eight portals had been found and sealed off to avoid accidents.

Soon, researchers, explorers, and fortune seekers had immigrated to Falkensburg to get their own share in the portals.

The current theory as to the origin of the portals is that the raw magical substance of the transportation spell Rartek was inventing mixed with the Hexodermic Atmosphere of our planet to create the imbalance. So far, the portals seem to be permanent, and other than Dahlstrom's Syndrome, there have been no related accidents.

Darenaran Rartek was given the honour of writing the paper on the Plum Portal for the University. His wife and fellow researcher died of Dahlstrom's Syndrome two years later.

~Messera Marqueth

1 It has been speculated that there may still be undiscovered portals in the city

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