Copper Road

"The Copper Road runs from the mining communities of the Roterzberg Mountains, down Achenauerstrasse to the core of the city of Falkensburg. The great question is: what need is there for it to go any further?"
—Prince Elias, Speech given on the twentieth anniversary of his Inauguration, 452

There are perfectly good historical reasons why the copper trade, having crossed the Starkreuz River at Achen Bridge, continued by land rather than being put aboard seagoing vessels for the remainder of the journey to the Imperial City. For one thing, the coastal waters are, in a historical time-scale, frequently rendered extremely dangerous by pirates, more so than ever once they began the use of submersibles for their depredations. For another, the port at Falkensburg was not useful for more than a base for low-keeled fishing boats until the Elias Grosskanal was completed in 455. Even more significantly, when the caravan routes were first established after the fall of the civilization that built the deepest of the Black Tunnels, the area encompassed by Falkensburg's current walls was not a single city but many smaller communities, with large tracts of unoccupied land between them, such that the community near the Achen Bridge was completely distinct from the Fishing community near the mouths of the river delta.

Elias meant to change all of that, after receiving what many outsiders believed was the worst portion of the Divided Inheritance of 432, and turn the newly independent Falkensburg into a new center of trade and industry from which only expensive finished products would leave, and thus with an endless, insatiable appetite for raw materials such as copper. This dream would not come true in his own lifetime, and, thanks to the Unpleasantness in 488, he would have no surviving descendants to see it either, but the inexorable growth of the City of Falkensburg, whether ruled by a Herzog, a Judge, a Council, a Diktat or whatever other title the people in charge at any given time choose to anoint themselves with, eventually made it come to pass.

The modern Copper road still sees caravans from the north, but those caravans have Falkensburg alone as their destination. The portion of the road connecting to the former Imperial City in the south have seen little use, at least by the types of large caravans that used to supply its mechanists with copper and other metals.

-Doktor Plasner

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