The Choir of Gequälte Katzen

In 903, a young man named Gequälte Katzen discovered that he liked to sing. In fact, it was his favorite past time. Utterly amazed by this discovery, he spent the next six months wandering the Achenauerstrasse area singing familiar tunes for donations. After a short amount of time, GK gathered a few followers and thus was formed The Choir of Gequälte Katzen.

The Choir of Gequälte Katzen was not accepted easily. It often sang controversial songs, or songs in the wrong area, such as anthems from enemy countries in front of veteran pubs. The most well known instance of this was in 905, when they decided to sing "Long Live Albansia" in front of The Baron's Ribcage on Victory Day whilst it was filled with 13 members of the Falkensburg Guard. Needless to say, the choir was unseen for 3 weeks, as most of its members were in The Krankenhaus.

Eventually, 1 the CGK adopted better song choice, and is now invited to sing at many city events.

It can often be found singing in front of Helseria Hall on a day when there is no special event.

~Messera A. Marqueth

1 It is popularly pointed out that this change was coincidentally made after Gequälte Katzen's death in 954.

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