The Black Tunnels

Falkensburg as we know it today has actually been built over itself several times in the course of history. Owing to the natural softness of the river delta soil, previous incarnations of this fine city have sunk into the ground. No fewer than three complete cities lie underneath the one we inhabit today. It would seem that the combined mass of previous construction has finally reached the bedrock, as it has been more than 600 years since the last major Sinking incident. While minor sinkholes and collapses still occur, they are quite rare and comparatively harmless.

While some of the building from the most recent layer are still used as glorified basements and storehouses, the majority of these sunken buildings were demolished while developing the sewer system. Officially, any structures below that level are unsafe and unused, as proven by the fact that the weight of the land and buildings above has caused many of them to collapse.

However, there are rumours that these lowest levels are anything but uninhabited. Collectively referred to as the Black Tunnels, little is known about them or the inhabitants. Most believe the Tunnels to be infested with sewer rats and other nocturnal vermin, which would be unimpeded by the lack of light or tight passages. However, there are many who insist that thieves and scavengers also scurry through the darkness, using them to move about undetected and to evade the police. Certainly, some unsavoury sorts have claimed they use the Black Tunnels before, but nobody can truly verify this claim.

Finally, there are some that claim the tunnels are actually the upper levels of the Underworld, and that the twisted abominations that grow in the dark below use them to gain access to our world. Clearly, these claims are completely unsubstantiated and fanciful. However, the tunnels do remain mostly unexplored and extremely dangerous to anyone who may choose to enter them.

- Magister A. Wickham

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