Beschaeftigte Biene Square

Beschaeftigte Biene Square, commonly known as BBS by locals, is in the very center of Falkensburg. Built as the core of the city, it has been a tourist attraction since the birth of the city.

BBS is famous for its miraculous survival of the Great Fire of 755, among other amazing achievements, but its real glory is in its market and shops. In the middle of the square resides the center piece of the city, Pipi-Engel, and coming out from the fountain is a beautifully ornate compass, aligning the four outward streets with the four directions. Around the outside of the square is the Giftigefrucht Market, and along Osten-Westen Street are the most well known, most shopped stores in the entire city.

The North side of Norden-Süden Street houses the City Courthouse, the Auction House, and the City Council. The south side houses such things as the Art Museum and the Library. Collectively, Osten-Westen Street and Norden-Süden Street make Beschaeftigte Biene Square the central hub of city culture.

On a common day, as many as 20 or 30 stalls will be open in the market, and approximately 300 people will take up the BBS area at any given hour. However, BBS has been known to hold over 1000 people, which were soon herded out of the town square by city officials.

BBS is closed off on only one day of the year, the night of the annual fireworks show; because the fireworks are set off from BBS.

~ Messera Marqueth

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