Afinysi Witcinder

Afinysi Witcinder (April 13, 543 – July 24, 566) was the founder and leader of The Vermilion Cabal in 561. A sorceress of unusual talent, Afinysi ascended through the ranks of her art quickly, reaching full Sorceress rank by her 15th birthday in 558.

Her ambition was without limit, and even this rank was too limited for her. It is widely believed that she murdered her previous master in order to gain access to tomes in his safekeeping. While this has never been proven, she did disappear from the public eye for 3 years afterwards. Upon her return, she proceeded to establish The Vermilion Cabal, an "exclusive order of like-minded arcane practitioners" which she led.

It was later discovered that the Cabal was based around demon soulpacts, wherein a sorcerer will pledge a portion of their soul to a demon lord in exchange for a measure of it's hellish power. While this became common knowledge, the government of Falkensburg was powerless to act against them, as there was nothing illegal about their activities.

The Cabal's activities reached a head in 566. Using the combined power of the members, a hellgate was opened and a demon lord called through.

The summoning of Hifiwh-Bru, The Howling Torturer of Bloody Betrayal was successful, with the demon fully entering our world. As his first act, he proceeded to devour Afinysi and the entire Cabal. Not satisfied with this meal, he then consumed their tower and everything within it - including the still open hellgate.

The death of the openers caused the gate to reverse in action, sucking everything nearby back into the demon realm. Being as it was in the belly of the beast, it pulled Hifiwh-Bru back through itself from the inside before eventually collapsing from the strain.

It was fortunate for the city, and entire world, that this event resolved itself in this way. Otherwise the destruction would be on an untold-of scale. Realizing the incredible danger, as well as unsavoury nature of demon worship, the Empire quickly acted to ban demonology through it's lands.

- Magister A. Wickham

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