During Falkensburg's heyday as a stop on the Copper Road, congestion caused by trade caravans passing through the city gates reached such a point that the communal authorities had additional gates built at each end of Achenauerstrasse, then the straightest street in the city, and established it as the only legal route through which caravans could pass. This raised the ire of many residents, as many houses along the sides of the street were demolished to allow the easy flow of traffic, but made the fortunes of others, as they abruptly found their dwellings in perfect locations for inns, stables and other businesses catering to the caravans. Allegations of corruption were widespread at the time, but the records of any investigations or prosecutions have been lost over time. To this day, referring to someone as an 'Achenauer' is to imply that they profit immorally from the misfortunes of their neighbours.

Though Achenauerstrasse was the epicentre of Falkensburg's economy for several decades, the vicissitudes of the world have left it a shadow of its former glory. The palatial lodging-houses of the caravan masters were early targets in the Architects' War (which also diverted many caravans to safer stopovers), and the cannibalisation of the city walls for building materials immediately following that conflict has left large gaps through which trade has been allowed to osmose, the fact that the Achenauerstrassgesetz remains technically in effect notwithstanding.

In the absence of the wealth provided by Copper Road trade, Achenauerstrasse has taken on a different character. An increasing number of the city's poor have moved into the street, dividing the large buildings into a maze of tenement rooms. The Krankenhaus was built in 1057 by the Order of the Reed, and continues to dominate the southern end of the street. Recently, newly constructed imitations of the old lodging-houses have opened their doors, and the small neighbourhood of taverns, theatres and brothels known as the Maskeradenhause has begun offering nights of anonymous debauchery to the otherwise respectable elite of the city.

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