Welcome to the Metropolis of Falkensburg

The Metropolis of Falkensburg is an immense city where steam-powered clockworks and delicate, whispered magic exist side by side. It's also the home of Falkensburg University, one of the world's largest and most impressive centres for research and learning.

Lügenkuche College is one of the university's research schools. Relatively new, it's drawn scholars from the other Colleges and Schools of the university toward its exciting new research into the portals that have recently been discovered in Falkensburg. The City itself has already pledged its support to the cause, with a grant of money and resources set aside for the College's work.

But there's a catch - before the City will even think about releasing the grant, the College has been given one of Falkensburg's longest-neglected tasks: to write and publish a guidebook on the city itself.

About the Game

Falkensburg is a setting for the collaborative world-building game Lexicon, played by the members of the apathy_games community on LiveJournal. Players take the role of the portal-researching scholars from Lügenkuche college.

Before we begin, the game is in an informal turn 0, where players can make characters and practice using the wiki to write articles about Falkensburg University. Feel free to make new pages, but please make sure all the names start with 'university:' to make sure they don't clash with names for actual play. Thanks!

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